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WC Signage

I’ve always loved the idea of having signage for the bathroom…not that I think people will mistake a bedroom or closet for the toilet, but you can’t be too careful nowadays.

In my last apartment, I made gold silhouettes with various hats and feather embellishments, but I wanted something more modern and mature for my new apartment.  

I found the perfect items over the weekend. While getting supplies for my hanging plants installation, I picked up some other goodies.


Box of nails $3.95 (Lowe’s)

Dried flowers (see below) $5 (Sprout Home). Other options include faux flowers at IKEA $0.99-$4.99 or dried botanicals at West Elm $10-$16 (not available online).

Un homme + une femme vase $6.95 each (CB2)

and Voilà! my very own WC sign.




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Hanging Plants

With some simple supplies from the hardware store, Sprout Home and CB2, I made my hanging plant wall a reality.


Box of nails $3.95 + Heavy Duty Jute Twine $2.95 (Lowe’s)

Floating Feathers $5.95 each + Tillandsias $3.50 and up (Sprout Home)

Whirly Hanging Candleholders $3.95 each (CB2)





 The result is exactly what I envisioned! 

Stay tuned for more Lowe’s + Sprout Home + CB2 designs!


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Shop Hopping in Williamsburg

I’m the first to admit that I’m not a fan of Williamsburg and I thoroughly lack a green thumb, but ever since I laid eyes on beautiful hanging plants (see below), I’ve wanted ones of my own.  That’s how I ended up at  Sprout Home. Along the way, I inadvertently stumbled upon new stores and old favorites.

Sprout Home has two connected store fronts and is a planter’s heaven. I couldn’t stop looking around at all the beautiful plants that maybe one day I could be responsible enough to own. Take a look for yourself. Jump to my next post to see my hanging plant creation!

I’ve always wanted to check out Moon River Chattel and it just happened to be on the same block as Sprout. Kismet! Unfortunately, it was closed.

A shopper’s worst nightmare…but I kept wandering and was rewarded with some new found stores to add to my favorites.

First I passed by this interesting sculpture, which was right by the Metal Dimensions Showroom…best ad ever? It wasn’t open either, but that didn’t stop me from staring and wanting everything.

Next I spotted The Future Perfect and had to stop inside. I love this Michael McHale Pendant Chandelier; it’s just the right amount of industrial chic. I’m definitely adding this to my list of DIY projects.

As I kept walking, I happened to stroll by a store I’ve always loved. I have no idea where this store is, but for some reason, I always end up there when I’m in Williamsburg…I guess it’s like forces of attraction?

I hope you like Fille de Joie as much as I do! I found a beautifully crafted vintage hat but alas, my head is too big (not figuratively).

One cherished item that’s not for sale is a vintage Bridget Bardot book written in French. But just ask and you’ll be granted permission to peruse.

That’s all the Williamsburg I can handle for one day (I kid).

I can’t wait to get cracking on my hanging plants!


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This is my first weekend off from work so it’s time for a new post!

On my way to Lowe’s (to get supplies for a future DIY post), I spotted FIND home furnishings, and what a find it was! Yes, I’m cheesy…

They are having an additional 30% off final sale items, so of course I snagged some treasures.

I wanted everything but limited myself to only items I could carry (luckily I can carry a lot). My favorite find has to be a tie between the steel stool and round marble letters…and the peanut box and the seltzer bottle. Ok, fine, I love it all!

Happy Shopping!


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Happy (belated) (Chinese) New Year!


You will find posts about simple recipes, quick ways to update your wardrobe, diy decor, fashion tips, thrifting finds, “how to” answers, Feng Shui Fridays and so much more.  

A good friend of mine told me to just bite the bullet and start blogging already. So, this post is dedicated to you LP!

Well, in keeping with the spirit of a fresh start in the new year, there’s no time like the present. I never specified which “New Year”, and luckily I’m only 1 day behind.


It’s fitting that the first post will be the first installment of….drumroll please…


I’m going to bend the rules a bit since it’s my first post, and it’s my blog. Yeah, I do what I want.

Let’s lump this post under “Feng Shui Fridays…and unrelated Chinese superstitions.”

Since it’s the year of the Rabbit (insert rabbit sound here…have you ever heard a rabbit make a sound?), those of you born in the year of the Rabbit will need to beware. So sorry to be a downer on my first post, but I’m trying to save you from a year of EPIC DOOM. No joke. I do not joke about anything epic.

According to Chinese Superstition, when one’s zodiac rolls around (that’s every 12 years people), it’s likely to be an unfortunate year. And it doesn’t matter when your birthday is, your year of bad luck starts at the beginning of the Chinese New Year and ends on the following new year. Many of my friends and I have had THE WORST year to date in our zodiac year.

In order to dispel some of the bad luck, you should don anything in red…EVERY SINGLE DAY. I didn’t heed the advice of my mother…I should know by now that “mother knows best.” My friend said she doesn’t own red clothing, as it augments her “Asian flush,” but no worries. When I say “anything in red,” I mean it: unmentionables, accessories, shoelaces, etc. My friend promptly replied that she will dye her eyebrows red…unconventional, yes…but if it shields the wrath of the new year, nothing is too drastic.

If you still need further help wading through the red abyss, look no further! Today, we’ll be coveting all things red & rabbit in this edition of…


1. Nike Skinny Dunk Highs for Women with a black & red feather pattern inspired by French textile designer Paule Marrot (Nike $90)

2. Disney Couture Alice In Wonderland Rabbit Ring (Amazon $35)

3. Keyboard Laptop Sleeve (Kate Spade $60)

4. Malt Fedora by Molly Yestadt (Yestadt Millinery price upon request)

5. Vintage Bunny Brass Chain Necklace (Etsy $22)

6. Chinese Small Altar Table (Pearl River $195)

7. Red Plaid Wool Bow Tie (Fine and Dandy $49)

8. Chaukadi Red Scarf by Ijumni (Calypso St. Barth $250)

If you’ve found some awesome red & rabbit finds, please share!

Thanks for reading!


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