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Ode To Eggs

Number one reason I can’t be vegan? EGGS!

They are a good source of protein, which I most definitely need right now as I’m training for…gulp…Tough Mudder in Colorado.

Just as I was beginning to run out of “eggcellent” (ahem, Ev) recipes, I got my new issue of Real Simple in the mail, with 10 new dishes to try! Hi,  is anyone surprised that I have a suscription to a magazine found in the Container Store? I think not. Speaking of Container Store, I cannot wait until I start designing my Elfa shelves for my closets…nothing can ever be too organized, right?

But I digress…scroll down for one of my favorite egg incorporated meals and the 10 ideas for eggs in the April 2011 issue of Real Simple.

Spinach salad with hard boiled eggs, tuna, grilled asparagus & walnuts:

So easy and tasty. The prep time is less than 10 minutes and the ingredients could not be simpler. I used frozen asparagus spears and baked them for 8 minutes in a toaster oven, added half a can of tuna and a handful of nuts. Toss with your favorite greens and top with hard boiled eggs and dressing (I used honey mustard vinaigrette). Totally eggasmic (too far?)

Now an article from the eggperts…teehee

Do you really need me to egg you on? Get cracking and cooking already!



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Vodka Crate Makeover

My friend Angela had 2 (empty…sigh) vodka crates leftover from a work event and I snatched them right up. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with them, but after I saw this Design Sponge post (photo below), I got inspired…aka I copied what they did. Imitiation is the best form of flattery…right?

I decided not to line the sides of the box…partly because I used an old poster and didn’t have leftover paper, and mostly because I’m lazy.

This project is a great use of old posters (I never throw anything away that can be reused for crafts…that’s right, you’re not the only one Anna banana). Oh wait, you’re not a crazy hoarder like me and you don’t have old posters lying around? No worries because I have plenty to spare!

Remember when I was polling for opinions in this post? Like I predicted, the good ole Brooklyn Flea pulled through again. I found an amazing antique bottle for a mere $8!



I’m very pleased I was able to combine 2 of my favorite things: liquor + crafting.

I have an extra vokda case + prints if you’d like to make one too. Just holla atcha Gu!


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Paper Cutting

I have been wanting a tattoo more and more (shhh don’t tell my folks) but haven’t decided what to get, since it’s permanent and all. No big deal, right? After several hours of internet browsing, I’m still inexplicably drawn to paper cut outs. Well, I guess there is an explanation…I love the beautiful and well thought out compostitions…every element is atrfully joined together to create inticate masterpieces.

I’ll share some of my favorites with you today.

Jing Shang Hai

Bovey Lee

Elsa Mora

Aoyama Hina 

Robert Ryan

Kako Ueda

I’m deviating a little from paper cut artwork to show you some other great paper crafts!

Chris Natrop (installations)

Yu Jordy Fu (Chandeliers)

Ed Pien (Ink drawings with paper cutting & installations)

Wataru Itou (3D Castle with LED lights & moving train)

Pristoles Press (Books)

I’m definitely going to incorporate these elements into my own design for a tattoo…I’ll keep you posted!



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Seeking Your Opinions

So I have this great vodka crate that I turned into a shelf (skip to post here)… but there’s one empty space I keep staring at (the inner hoarder in me has to fill every inch of space available in my apartment). I’m sure I’ll stumble unto something at the Brooklyn Flea, but for now, look below for some possiblities and vote for your favorite!

This is a sketch of the display box (the empty space is taunting me):

These are the little darlings that may be lucky enough to occupy said space:

Let me break it down even further (I’m putting my design degrees to good use?):

So what’ll it be?

1. Lovely metal branches (did you know my Chinese name means Nature Valley?)

2. Wooden Nutcracker (snicker snicker)

3. Travelocity Garden Gnome (my apt’s so nice he decided to settle down?)

4. Antique Trophy (but then I’ll have to find trinkets to fill it with! see, I can’t be stopped!)

5. Dainty Figurine (an everyday reminder to be more ladylike?)

6. French Bulldog (the only pet I’ll ever own…porcelain)

I can’t decide! Help me PLEASE!



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No Carb Spaghetti

Sounds like a dream come true right? Well I promise you won’t be disappointed with this…you might even like it better than the full carb version! So delicious and nutritious.

Squash Spaghetti:

Serves: 1 / Cost: $4 / Calories: ~ 400 / Prep time: 8 min / Cook time: 3 min


2 squash / 2 cloves garlic / 1 tomato / 0.25 cup pasta sauce / olive oil


1. Chop garlic into large and medium pieces

2. Dice the tomatoes

3. Peel the skin off the zucchini and peel the rest of the zucchini

4. Heat ~1 tbsp olive oil in a small pan. Add the garlic, then tomatoes, then pasta sauce

5. Heat ~1.5 tbsp olive in a medium pan. Add the zucchini but do not cook over 2 minutes

6. Place sauteed zucchini in a bowl and top with the sauce

7. Nom nom nom

This would work well with butternut squash…I’ll try that next time!


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Funny Face

While I was jewelry making, I decided to put on some favorite movies of mine. As I watched Funny Face, starring Audrey Hepburn and Fred Astaire, I grew more and more enamored with the costumes. It made me sad that women don’t dress this way anymore. Unfortunately, Google didn’t have many images from the movie, so I actually paused the screen and took them myself. Dorky, yes, but I had to share these gorgeous compositions.

All the shots just led me to make a 1950s Funny Face inspired composition of Gu’s Goods:

1. Headscarf (Hermes $305)

2. Brooch (Ballyhoo Vintage $24)

3. Shimmering Trellis Heels (Anthropologie $168)

4. Travel Bag (Ebay $15.95)

5. Penny Loafers (Annie Madison $16.65)

6. Pencil Skirt (Jason Wu $770)

7. Yashica Mat TLR Camera (Etsy sold)

8. Colorful Duo Eyeshadow (Sephora $16)

9. Lots of Luxe Gloves (ModCloth $65)

10. Vintage Wicker Suitcase (Ebay $22.50)

11. Arci Sleeveless Shirt (ACNE $259)

12. Ballerina Dress (Lilli Ann sold)

13. Betmar Ethel Turban (VillageHatShop $21.95)



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Recycled Jewelry

I like to look for unconventional and sustainable objects for new jewelry pieces. I always save broken jewelry if I think it can be useful later.

Set #1:

Left to Right:

1. A street vendor in Soho had a beautiful pair of earrings made from small tusks and told me she got them from The Evolution Store around the corner. I went there directly and picked them up, along with the copper nugget next to it. Instead of earrings, I decided to make them into a delicate necklace.

2. Copper Nugget ($3) from The Evolution Store. Chain from Ebay ($6 for 3). I was able to make versatile necklaces with the rest of the chains (I bought 2 packs). Post coming soon.

3. I lost one earring, so it became a necklace.

4. Clock charm from China. I used the leftover chain from the Anthropologie Jewelry post.

Set #2

Left to Right

1. This was a bigger, statement necklace but the bottom section fell off. I still really like the simplicity of the fleur de lis bar.

2. Shell from The Evolution Store paired with a keychain from the Brooklyn Flea. Chain was leftover from Anthropologie Jewelry post.

3. Pendant from Garage Sale with recycled chain.

4. This was a watch, which I broke, so naturally it becomes a necklace.

None of these required any skill, but I think they are still unique pieces. What odd objects do you make jewelry out of? I’d love to hear!



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