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Disney Power Hour

My friend Lauren is hosting a Disney Power Hour tonight, and I couldn’t think of a better hostess…who could love Disney more than her, other than her mom Cheri? I hate to break it to you Walt, but the answer is no one!

Check out her Disney Blog and amaaaaaaazing power hour video!

Orginally I wanted to go as Snow White, because I like sweeping and eating apples and running through the forest (not), or wait…maybe it was because Monica already had the full costume for me to swipe? Regardless, after a wonderful wedding weekend with a Jasmine smitten bride (she found her Aladdin too!) and a night of Aladdin Sing-Along at the Bellhouse last night, I decided to ditch the 7 dwarves and go for some magic carpet action instead (Too much? Disney is full of sexual inneundos too so just go with it).

So last night I got to work and made my costume and Aladdin’s vest too! I borrowed lots of bumps its for my hair, because “A Woman’s Hair Is Her Crowning Glory” according to the guys who wrote the Bible, according to Tina Fey. And as recognizable as Jasmine’s everyday coif is, I think we all agree when I say that she looked waaaaaaay hotter when Jafar gave her a makeover.

I’m shocked that Jafar is even interested in women, but I guess back in the day in Agrabar, you couldn’t be a sorcerer and gay…that’s just asking for it.

Here’s a picture of my  last minute costume…and accessories of course!

I made little pointed booties to go over my flats…hopefully they stay on for most of the evening…

Here are pictures from the event!



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I’m Baaaaaaaack….

Oops! I didn’t realize how long it had been since my last post!

April was a really busy month! Last weekend I was in Roshni’s wedding, and the weekend before that was my 5 year college reunion (yes, Wash U people are a bit obsessed with each other).

I’ll have new posts coming soon, but for now, enjoy the beautiful colors of Roshni + Chetesh’s Guju Wedding!

The wedding was beautiful and I am so blessed to be apart of it!

Stay tuned for new craft projects!


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7 Years of Bad Luck?

So a couple years ago, I broke one of the mirrors in a folded frame that I had purchased way back in Saint Louis. Initially, I glued the shards together for a failed mosaic look, but now I finally found a better solution.



So simple! I took leftover wall paper to cover the backing and then started adding sentimental elements: DG anchor, a note from Betsy, birthday card from Kate, vintage candy bag, 1 earring from a lost set.

And I can easily switch out the panel if I want to change it up later on!

Now I just need to ride out the remaining 5 years of bad luck…Any tips?


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It’s My Birthday!

And I am totally following the advice below!

I’m very excited to see what the next year holds! I’ve made some strong bonds in the past 27 years and am very lucky to have such wonderful people in my life!


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