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Colorado >>> Los Angeles

I’m on my way to Colorado to participate in Tough Mudder with some friends! I’m terrified and excited…Wish me luck! The obstacles look really tough!

As a treat, I’m headed to LA after to catch up with some dear West coast friends. We’re going to Malibu Wines for a wine tasting and there’s sure to be lots of fun nights and beach outings ahead!

I’ll have more posts when I get back in July! Have a Happy 4th!



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She Sells Sea Shells At The Sea Shore

I went to the beach during Memorial Day weekend, and was enamored with the tiny iridescent shells that covered the sand.

Like a kid again, I was engrossed in picking up shells to take home as a souvenir.

I knew the shells would come in handy and I’m so glad I left with a full bag. I love the beach and the water (the sand, not so much), so I’ll always have little reminders of the fun time Dave, Chris, John, Brandi and I had at Sandy Hook. Dave even made a little video on our drive back, capturing all our favorite moments. We had a lovely time and I can’t wait to beach it up again soon!


A handful of shells in a bowl makes for a simple and pretty decoration:

Add some shells to your plants for instant polish:

A cluster of shells around a lone candle can dress up it up:

Next time you’re at the beach, get off our lazy bum and find some shells to adorn your home!


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Old Frame / New Finish

I’m obsessed with this old, dilapidated hand drawing that I discovered at a thrift store on Atlantic Avenue. The owner was perplexed that I’d managed to rummage through all the pieces of furniture, lighting and bedding, to locate this small 8″ x 10″ old artwork. I was thrilled! I paid the man and left in a happy daze.

I found a shadow box at a flea market and knew it was perfect…only it looked dingy and plain.

A coat of gold hammered spray paint did the trick and now it’s proudly hanging in my apartment. I wonder if this came from a set…what I wouldn’t give to find a matching Empress drawn in the same manner.

Or…that could be my next art project and I could duplicate it and draw my man a female companion? Who wants to have a craft night?


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I’ve been eyeing Nadeau “furniture with a soul” for quite some time, and I’m thrilled they opened a shop in NY. The selection is more limited than the online pictures suggest, but if you’re in the neighborhood, it’s worth stopping by.

The pieces are affordable and and they have an eclectic mix so you’re bound to find something to take home.

I left with some faux hydrangeas and an ornate mirror. They fit nicely into their new surroundings, don’t you agree?

What are your favorite tucked away stores? There are so many hidden gems in NY that it’ll take a couple lifetimes to discover them all!


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Hats & Horses

The hats at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic were a sight to see! A little known fact: women in the UK do not don hats to polo matches but stateside, our affinity for hats was largely influenced by Julia Roberts’s role in Pretty Woman.

To keep with the American tradition, I dug out a hat I made a couple summers ago. I found a super cheap floppy hat and got some flowers and ribbons from the craft store. This hat cost about $15 total, but manages to look chic and not home-made, I hope.

I opted for a simpler hat, which I find remniscent of Audrey Hepburn.

Yehua needed the extra brim since her post lasik eyeballs were still quite sensitive to light.

I was walking around taking photos of my own, when a snapshot of my hat was taken for Inside New York. Yehua texted me, “Your hat is going to be on a blog!” but alas, it didn’t make the final cut.

Like the editors from Inside New York, my favorite hat was hands down the stylish mom-to-be!

Here are some other surrepitious shots I took…being a lady comes in handy when taking sneaky shots of strangers…I was being a creepster but no one was the wiser.

I paid more attention to the hats than the horses, but for all you polo fans out there, here are some action shots!

It was a last minute decision to go this time and many people had to cancel last minute, but next year I plan to have a group of decked out gals & gents! Wanna join in?


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Nat’s Endtables All Decked Out

After several weeks of sifting through trinkets and treasures, I finally found the perfect items to set atop of Nat’s beautiful end tables. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that my originality faltered and almost everything ended up being from West Elm.

On this table:

West Elm Butterfly Lamp (a steal at $15!), West Elm Votive Holders, West Elm Diffuser, West Elm Lavendar Sprigs ($10), Find Home Furnishings Peanut Shaped Box ($24), IKEA Grono Lamp, Bath & Body Works Lamb (FREE! True story: I bought $20 worth of stuff just so I could get the free lamb…and then my friend Lara did the same thing. Touch it, it’ll change your life! #that’swhatshesaid).

On this table:

West Elm Butterfly Lamp, West Elm Votive Holders, Lucky Mandarin Ducks (Ebay), West Elm CarafeSony Alarm Clock,  IKEA Grono Lamp, Nadeau Hydrangeas ($4).

Nat is currently making a bed from the same floorboards. And he already made Anna a matching dining table. Their apartment is going to have the best furniture!

I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Nat & Anna, let me know if you want help decorating when you move into your new place!


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Summer is here!

It’s almost been a month since my last post, but I’ve got a lot of ideas up my sleeve…less dress! New posts will be coming soon…9 to be exact!

So until I get everything sorted out, here’s a little humor to get the summer going!

Come back soon for a DIY Polo hat, Skirt makeover, Chair upholstery, Store visit and more!


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