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For the Makers

Lauren and Justin’s Christmas gift to me was very in tune with my new year’s resolution.

I had never heard of For the Makers before, but it’s a great gift idea. A lot of my craft ideas don’t come to fruition because it takes a lot of time to gather all the supplies, which can also be part of the fun if you have time to spare. This is why For the Makers is appealing – everything is mailed to you in one small package. The crafts aren’t time consuming, but the end result is beautiful.

You do lose out on the freedom of coming up with your own project, and the creative process that accompanies that, but it’s refreshing to have everything at your fingertips when you do feel the crafting bug coming.

I was so excited about the January box that I made everything at once. It hardly took anytime, and soon I had four new trinkets to enjoy.



I can’t wait to see what’s in next month’s package!

Until next time,



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Happy New Year

I can’t believe it’s already 2013…and I definitely haven’t been keeping up with my blog.

But, my new year’s resolution should help with that. I decided that every gift I make will be hand made – or as close to hand made as possible. Oh to own a wood shop, pottery studio, and a glass blowing studio.

I started early by making a Christmas gift for my friend Max. He was using an old notebook and a rubber band as his iPhone case. It was pretty sad looking. I had some extra time at work (what with working Saturdays and Sundays), so I made him a new leather iPhone case.

I had only worked with leather once before, in college. The costume shop at school had a leather machine, so it was fairly easy to work with leather. I made a purse from scrap pieces of leather – I’m usually not a fan of patch-work anything, but leather isn’t cheap. I’ve actually only used the purse once, but I still like having it around as a reminder of days when I had more time to be creative.

leather purse

Making a phone case was very different. It’s much smaller, so while the project took considerably less time, I had to go at a slower pace while sewing. The first trial I made definitely looked “hand made,” and not in a good way. With some pointers from the sample hands at work, the second one looked much better. We don’t have leather machines at work, so it was interesting to learn what steps to take to make the machine workable for sewing leather. I liked the way the case turned out, but also have adjustments I would make if I were to continue making them.

leather phone case leather phone case

Here’s to a great 2013 – full of new crafts!


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Wardrobe Update: Upcycled Skirt

Hey guys!

I’ve been meaning to work on this project / post for awhile. I have so many items of clothing that I want to alter and it’s just been piling up in my apartment. Well, one down, several more to go! Keep reading to see my first of many fixer-uppers!

I adore this Free People dress, but after several washes, the fabric was wearing thin and it ripped on the front seam 😦

No worries though, because after chopping off the top and adding an elastic waistband, I’ve got a new skirt to wear!

Stay tuned, I have lots of upcylcing to do!

Until next time! xoxo

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DIY T-shirts

This weekend, my friends and I flew to Akron, OH to surprise Justin for his birthday. We all took the same flight leaving NY, but Dave convinced the airline to let us board first. When we landed in Ankron, we ran up to Justin and yelled, “SURPRISE!” He was pretty confused.

Anyway, for the big reveal, we decided to make iron on custom tees. Here are a couple photos – they are so easy to make. For Natalie, I just cut the bottom into strips. Since I made Lauren’s somewhat of a crop top, I used the excess fabric to make braids and cut out the regular crew neck and sleeves to create a braided neck. I think they turned out pretty well!

I definitely can’t take credit for this cake, but look how amazing it is!!! The closest I came to this was making a pinata cake. 

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far! Stay cool.


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Old Chair / New Coat

I loved the lines of these chairs that I picked up at Housing Works.

I didn’t love the dull color and dingy upholstery, however.

But, that’s an easy fix. With some paint and fabric from Kate, I got to work.

The result is quite charming, no?

I showed you mine, so it’s your turn to show me yours! Send me photos of your favorite chair/furniture make overs please!


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She Sells Sea Shells At The Sea Shore

I went to the beach during Memorial Day weekend, and was enamored with the tiny iridescent shells that covered the sand.

Like a kid again, I was engrossed in picking up shells to take home as a souvenir.

I knew the shells would come in handy and I’m so glad I left with a full bag. I love the beach and the water (the sand, not so much), so I’ll always have little reminders of the fun time Dave, Chris, John, Brandi and I had at Sandy Hook. Dave even made a little video on our drive back, capturing all our favorite moments. We had a lovely time and I can’t wait to beach it up again soon!


A handful of shells in a bowl makes for a simple and pretty decoration:

Add some shells to your plants for instant polish:

A cluster of shells around a lone candle can dress up it up:

Next time you’re at the beach, get off our lazy bum and find some shells to adorn your home!


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Old Frame / New Finish

I’m obsessed with this old, dilapidated hand drawing that I discovered at a thrift store on Atlantic Avenue. The owner was perplexed that I’d managed to rummage through all the pieces of furniture, lighting and bedding, to locate this small 8″ x 10″ old artwork. I was thrilled! I paid the man and left in a happy daze.

I found a shadow box at a flea market and knew it was perfect…only it looked dingy and plain.

A coat of gold hammered spray paint did the trick and now it’s proudly hanging in my apartment. I wonder if this came from a set…what I wouldn’t give to find a matching Empress drawn in the same manner.

Or…that could be my next art project and I could duplicate it and draw my man a female companion? Who wants to have a craft night?


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