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Nat’s Endtables All Decked Out

After several weeks of sifting through trinkets and treasures, I finally found the perfect items to set atop of Nat’s beautiful end tables. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that my originality faltered and almost everything ended up being from West Elm.

On this table:

West Elm Butterfly Lamp (a steal at $15!), West Elm Votive Holders, West Elm Diffuser, West Elm Lavendar Sprigs ($10), Find Home Furnishings Peanut Shaped Box ($24), IKEA Grono Lamp, Bath & Body Works Lamb (FREE! True story: I bought $20 worth of stuff just so I could get the free lamb…and then my friend Lara did the same thing. Touch it, it’ll change your life! #that’swhatshesaid).

On this table:

West Elm Butterfly Lamp, West Elm Votive Holders, Lucky Mandarin Ducks (Ebay), West Elm CarafeSony Alarm Clock,  IKEA Grono Lamp, Nadeau Hydrangeas ($4).

Nat is currently making a bed from the same floorboards. And he already made Anna a matching dining table. Their apartment is going to have the best furniture!

I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Nat & Anna, let me know if you want help decorating when you move into your new place!



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My dear friend Nat, architect, furniture maker, dave matthews band fanatic, occassional climbing partner, poo enthusiast, basically a Nat of all trades, made custom end tables for my birthday! They are amazing and I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful lover friend (Don’t worry, Anna’s ok with it).

If you’d like some custom pieces (and who wouldn’t?), you can contact him at

Nat just finished his last architecture class (Columbia Grad Alum what what!) so help out a semi-starving artist…maybe he’ll even let you pay him in M&Ms and kosher franks and beans? (don’t ask)

I can’t wait to stain these to match myheadboard…or not. I kind of like them bare too. Thoughts?



Aren’t they lovely?


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