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Les Ballet De Faile

Last night we went to Les Ballet De Faile, a New York City Ballet collaboration with Brooklyn based artists Faile. We each received a hand painted block to take home.

I’m not a huge fan of contemporary ballet – I prefer the classical, overly romanticized ballets. Basically, I’m a sucker for tutus.

I was fascinated with the giant skirt/cape that the female wore in the third piece, Variations pour une Porte et un Soupir. It spanned the entire stage, and would engulf the dancer at various points during the piece. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a photo from this year’s performance, but I did find one from a previous NYCB performance.


The Faile art installation was impressive – each block was hand painted. Here are some of my favorite blocks from the installation.


There’s another performance May 29th. If you missed this one, I recommend going to the next one.



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She Sells Sea Shells At The Sea Shore

I went to the beach during Memorial Day weekend, and was enamored with the tiny iridescent shells that covered the sand.

Like a kid again, I was engrossed in picking up shells to take home as a souvenir.

I knew the shells would come in handy and I’m so glad I left with a full bag. I love the beach and the water (the sand, not so much), so I’ll always have little reminders of the fun time Dave, Chris, John, Brandi and I had at Sandy Hook. Dave even made a little video on our drive back, capturing all our favorite moments. We had a lovely time and I can’t wait to beach it up again soon!


A handful of shells in a bowl makes for a simple and pretty decoration:

Add some shells to your plants for instant polish:

A cluster of shells around a lone candle can dress up it up:

Next time you’re at the beach, get off our lazy bum and find some shells to adorn your home!


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Hats & Horses

The hats at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic were a sight to see! A little known fact: women in the UK do not don hats to polo matches but stateside, our affinity for hats was largely influenced by Julia Roberts’s role in Pretty Woman.

To keep with the American tradition, I dug out a hat I made a couple summers ago. I found a super cheap floppy hat and got some flowers and ribbons from the craft store. This hat cost about $15 total, but manages to look chic and not home-made, I hope.

I opted for a simpler hat, which I find remniscent of Audrey Hepburn.

Yehua needed the extra brim since her post lasik eyeballs were still quite sensitive to light.

I was walking around taking photos of my own, when a snapshot of my hat was taken for Inside New York. Yehua texted me, “Your hat is going to be on a blog!” but alas, it didn’t make the final cut.

Like the editors from Inside New York, my favorite hat was hands down the stylish mom-to-be!

Here are some other surrepitious shots I took…being a lady comes in handy when taking sneaky shots of strangers…I was being a creepster but no one was the wiser.

I paid more attention to the hats than the horses, but for all you polo fans out there, here are some action shots!

It was a last minute decision to go this time and many people had to cancel last minute, but next year I plan to have a group of decked out gals & gents! Wanna join in?


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