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Wardrobe Update – Shorts edition

Hi everyone!

Spring is (almost) here and I’ve been meaning to update some shorts. I had some free time so finally got down to work. Just hemming shorts to a new length makes a difference. See below for before and afters!

10.Deep Before

photo 1-1photo 2-1photo 3


10.Deep After

10.Deep After_Front10.Deep After_Side10.Deep After_Back


The print is really risqué but that’s one of the things I love about it! It’s not like 10.Deep to tread lightly.

Unfortunately, I don’t have before pictures of the JACK shorts I altered. Just image a wide self belt cinched with the waistband up and long straight legs that end above the knee. Basically a pair of paper bag shorts without any shape. By simply hemming the shorts, flipping the waistband down and switching out the self tie or a braided tie, it looked infinitely better. I also added snaps to the center front and the back pockets. I finished it just in time for my trip to Hawaii next week!

JACK After

JACK After_FrontJACK After_SIde&Back


I have another pair of shorts in work. Will post as soon as I’m finished!

Happy sewing!



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Sweater Scraps > Arm Warmers

Hi lovelies,

One of my coworkers cut the sleeves off this cashmere sweater and was going to toss them. They were so soft that I wanted to come up with an upcycle project and not have them go to waste. A couple minutes on the sewing machine later, I had a pair of new arm warmers!



Arm Warmers:

Arm Warmers

Do you have an upcycle project you’d like to share? Shoot me a line!

I still have lots of clothing alterations to get through – there’s never enough time in the day. I’ll try to make some progress and post as I go!

Until next time!


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Happy Halloween!

Hi guys!

Since the weather was so lovely this Halloween weekend, we decided to carve pumpkins outdoors. It was a lot more work than I remembered, but I’m happy with the end result. Of course I decided to carve Hello Kitty! >.<


This probably won’t be an annual tradition, but it was fun nonetheless! Hope you have a great Halloween!


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Austin Adventures!

I just got back from Austin and had an amazing time! I went sky diving for the first time and had the best tacos. Delicious food, great friends, and new adventures – what else could I want?

Here are some fun photos from the trip! I just loved the hand tooling and embroidery on the cowboy boot at Allen Boots.



ImageImage Image

I can’t wait to go back and eat more Tex Mex…oh and see some friends.


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Spring Scarves!

So working on a Saturday is kinda a buzz kill, especially on a nice day like today…but instead of feeling down, I got crafty and made some colorful scarves, perfect for Spring!

These literally take minutes to make and cost next to nothing…well, if you happen to have a purl merrow machine and fabulous fabric scraps from work!

 Can’t wait to go to Mood and pick up some inspiring prints! If I’m ambitious, I might even set up a stand Brooklyn Flea! Last weekend, the flea was outside in Ft. Greene for the 1st time this year…I love flea season, which thankfully, is all year round! 🙂

I have so many more projects up my sleeves! Stay tuned!

Until next time,



all my love

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Happy Easter!

Wow…it has been a loooooong time since my last post.

No time like the present to rectify that. Spring is here and so is Easter!

Hope you like my non coventional Easter bouquet! I love the earthy look and they last so much longer than flowers!



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Glasses Galore

So I’ve had my vintage Geoffrey Beene glasses from Fabulous Fanny’s (see below) for quite some time now, and have been itching for a new pair.

Lo and behold, I stumbled onto MYM Optics today and started bidding away.

I ended up snagging 3 new pairs of glasses without breaking the bank.


I can’t wait to get lenses in these suckers!

Whoa…I just realized how patriotic my choices were…and I’m not even American!


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