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I’ve been eyeing Nadeau “furniture with a soul” for quite some time, and I’m thrilled they opened a shop in NY. The selection is more limited than the online pictures suggest, but if you’re in the neighborhood, it’s worth stopping by.

The pieces are affordable and and they have an eclectic mix so you’re bound to find something to take home.

I left with some faux hydrangeas and an ornate mirror. They fit nicely into their new surroundings, don’t you agree?

What are your favorite tucked away stores? There are so many hidden gems in NY that it’ll take a couple lifetimes to discover them all!



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Nat’s Endtables All Decked Out

After several weeks of sifting through trinkets and treasures, I finally found the perfect items to set atop of Nat’s beautiful end tables. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that my originality faltered and almost everything ended up being from West Elm.

On this table:

West Elm Butterfly Lamp (a steal at $15!), West Elm Votive Holders, West Elm Diffuser, West Elm Lavendar Sprigs ($10), Find Home Furnishings Peanut Shaped Box ($24), IKEA Grono Lamp, Bath & Body Works Lamb (FREE! True story: I bought $20 worth of stuff just so I could get the free lamb…and then my friend Lara did the same thing. Touch it, it’ll change your life! #that’swhatshesaid).

On this table:

West Elm Butterfly Lamp, West Elm Votive Holders, Lucky Mandarin Ducks (Ebay), West Elm CarafeSony Alarm Clock,  IKEA Grono Lamp, Nadeau Hydrangeas ($4).

Nat is currently making a bed from the same floorboards. And he already made Anna a matching dining table. Their apartment is going to have the best furniture!

I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Nat & Anna, let me know if you want help decorating when you move into your new place!


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7 Years of Bad Luck?

So a couple years ago, I broke one of the mirrors in a folded frame that I had purchased way back in Saint Louis. Initially, I glued the shards together for a failed mosaic look, but now I finally found a better solution.



So simple! I took leftover wall paper to cover the backing and then started adding sentimental elements: DG anchor, a note from Betsy, birthday card from Kate, vintage candy bag, 1 earring from a lost set.

And I can easily switch out the panel if I want to change it up later on!

Now I just need to ride out the remaining 5 years of bad luck…Any tips?


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IKEA Ledge Makeover

Don’t have enough space in your apt?

(everyone in NY is nodding their heads “YES!”)

Wall ledges are the answer! Follow the “decorate vertically” mantra and you’ll thank me later (did I mention I love chocolate?).

Using 2 IKEA Ribba picture ledges ($14.99 each), I created a display for all my excess “stuff” without sacrificing any space.


I decided to keep the ledge white for the desk area, since there’s already a lot going on.


Since my bedroom has a more subtle color palette (as subtle as gold + teal can be), I painted the ledge using Laura Ashley Gourd. The paint doesn’t coat completely, but I like the splattered Pollack-esque result and it even compliments the Klimt canvas hanging above (love love love GUstav).

If you’re looking for something more streamlined, CB2 and West Elm have other options, but they may come at heftier prices.

CB2 El Shelves ($9.95-$19.95), Delta Shelf ($29.95) & Wall Shelf ($49.95)

West Elm Deep Picture Ledge ($35.00-$55.00) available in white & chocolate

I just love IKEA makeovers! For a small amount of money, creativity and labor, you can achieve dramtically different looks!


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Shop Hopping in Williamsburg

I’m the first to admit that I’m not a fan of Williamsburg and I thoroughly lack a green thumb, but ever since I laid eyes on beautiful hanging plants (see below), I’ve wanted ones of my own.  That’s how I ended up at  Sprout Home. Along the way, I inadvertently stumbled upon new stores and old favorites.

Sprout Home has two connected store fronts and is a planter’s heaven. I couldn’t stop looking around at all the beautiful plants that maybe one day I could be responsible enough to own. Take a look for yourself. Jump to my next post to see my hanging plant creation!

I’ve always wanted to check out Moon River Chattel and it just happened to be on the same block as Sprout. Kismet! Unfortunately, it was closed.

A shopper’s worst nightmare…but I kept wandering and was rewarded with some new found stores to add to my favorites.

First I passed by this interesting sculpture, which was right by the Metal Dimensions Showroom…best ad ever? It wasn’t open either, but that didn’t stop me from staring and wanting everything.

Next I spotted The Future Perfect and had to stop inside. I love this Michael McHale Pendant Chandelier; it’s just the right amount of industrial chic. I’m definitely adding this to my list of DIY projects.

As I kept walking, I happened to stroll by a store I’ve always loved. I have no idea where this store is, but for some reason, I always end up there when I’m in Williamsburg…I guess it’s like forces of attraction?

I hope you like Fille de Joie as much as I do! I found a beautifully crafted vintage hat but alas, my head is too big (not figuratively).

One cherished item that’s not for sale is a vintage Bridget Bardot book written in French. But just ask and you’ll be granted permission to peruse.

That’s all the Williamsburg I can handle for one day (I kid).

I can’t wait to get cracking on my hanging plants!


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This is my first weekend off from work so it’s time for a new post!

On my way to Lowe’s (to get supplies for a future DIY post), I spotted FIND home furnishings, and what a find it was! Yes, I’m cheesy…

They are having an additional 30% off final sale items, so of course I snagged some treasures.

I wanted everything but limited myself to only items I could carry (luckily I can carry a lot). My favorite find has to be a tie between the steel stool and round marble letters…and the peanut box and the seltzer bottle. Ok, fine, I love it all!

Happy Shopping!


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