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Nat’s Endtables All Decked Out

After several weeks of sifting through trinkets and treasures, I finally found the perfect items to set atop of Nat’s beautiful end tables. I’m a bit embarrassed to say that my originality faltered and almost everything ended up being from West Elm.

On this table:

West Elm Butterfly Lamp (a steal at $15!), West Elm Votive Holders, West Elm Diffuser, West Elm Lavendar Sprigs ($10), Find Home Furnishings Peanut Shaped Box ($24), IKEA Grono Lamp, Bath & Body Works Lamb (FREE! True story: I bought $20 worth of stuff just so I could get the free lamb…and then my friend Lara did the same thing. Touch it, it’ll change your life! #that’swhatshesaid).

On this table:

West Elm Butterfly Lamp, West Elm Votive Holders, Lucky Mandarin Ducks (Ebay), West Elm CarafeSony Alarm Clock,  IKEA Grono Lamp, Nadeau Hydrangeas ($4).

Nat is currently making a bed from the same floorboards. And he already made Anna a matching dining table. Their apartment is going to have the best furniture!

I can’t wait to see how it turns out! Nat & Anna, let me know if you want help decorating when you move into your new place!



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My dear friend Nat, architect, furniture maker, dave matthews band fanatic, occassional climbing partner, poo enthusiast, basically a Nat of all trades, made custom end tables for my birthday! They are amazing and I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful lover friend (Don’t worry, Anna’s ok with it).

If you’d like some custom pieces (and who wouldn’t?), you can contact him at nfarch@gmail.com

Nat just finished his last architecture class (Columbia Grad Alum what what!) so help out a semi-starving artist…maybe he’ll even let you pay him in M&Ms and kosher franks and beans? (don’t ask)

I can’t wait to stain these to match myheadboard…or not. I kind of like them bare too. Thoughts?



Aren’t they lovely?


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