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Spice It Up with KIMCHI

My friend Yehua started incorporating kimchi into her everyday food (and I do mean everyday). 

I like to think that I contributed to her fascination when I made us ramen with kimchi and a fried egg…which Angela made me went I went home with her for Thanksgiving…yeah, kimchi for Thanksgiving…you wanna take it outside?

All of these fateful events led to one of the easiest, quickest and most flavorful omelettes I’ve made to date…and I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything, but I’m pretty skilled when it comes to eggs…you can even call me an eggpert (yes, I know, it wasn’t funny when I first said it here, and it’s still not).

Step 1: heat up olive oil in a medium sized frying pan

Step 2: crack 2 eggs into the pan

Step 3: add as much or as little kimchi as your heart desires

Step 4: keep turning the egg & kimchi until it’s cooked evenly

Step 5: scarf it down in 5-8 bites

If you don’t like kimchi, then you’re a prude. Yup, I said it! And if you got all huffy because of my comment, then I don’t even know how we became friends in the first place!

Love you! 



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