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Les Ballet De Faile

Last night we went to Les Ballet De Faile, a New York City Ballet collaboration with Brooklyn based artists Faile. We each received a hand painted block to take home.

I’m not a huge fan of contemporary ballet – I prefer the classical, overly romanticized ballets. Basically, I’m a sucker for tutus.

I was fascinated with the giant skirt/cape that the female wore in the third piece,¬†Variations pour une Porte et un Soupir. It spanned the entire stage, and would engulf the dancer at various points during the piece. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a photo from this year’s performance, but I did find one from a previous NYCB performance.


The Faile art installation was impressive – each block was hand painted. Here are some of my favorite blocks from the installation.


There’s another performance May 29th. If you missed this one, I recommend going to the next one.


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